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Fentanyl Detox

Fentanyl addiction can be treated at a trusted facility for a proper recovery.

Is Fentanyl Addictive?

Fentanyl is a prescription pain medication that can be used for individuals who are experiencing severe pain. Fentanyl is not intended for long-term use due to its addictive nature. This form of fentanyl is different from the type of fentanyl we often hear linked to overdose and death rates. Fentanyl has been known to be produced in other countries and added to illicit drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Fentanyl is 50-100 times stronger than morphine which means that adding a little of it to other illicit drugs can increase the euphoric feeling while saving the maker some money.

Similar to other opioids, fentanyl is a highly addictive drug. Fentanyl binds to the opioid receptors in our brain, which can relieve physical pain and calm a person’s mind. Fentanyl can make an individual sedated, confused, drowsy, dizzy, nauseous, vomit, have breathing difficulties, and constrict their pupils.

Studies show that synthetic opioids like fentanyl were responsible for 73% of all drug overdose deaths. There were approximately 43,000 lives lost in the U.S. in 2020 from a fentanyl overdose. We know that a person can overdose on less than 0.007% of an ounce of fentanyl, which means that many of the individuals who do overdose on fentanyl may not be aware that they had ingested it. Traces of fentanyl is commonly found in heroin, GHB, cocaine, and MDMA.

If you are concerned about your own use or that of a loved one, Sequoia Detox Center is a fentanyl detox center in Spokane, Washington with ongoing residential or outpatient levels of care. 

With our Spokane drug and alcohol detox center, we help you find the right level of care for your needs. To learn more about how our program can help you, we invite you to call (866) 858-7294 today.

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Fentanyl Abuse Right Now

Sequoia Detox is here to help you begin your journey to long-term sobriety. Contact our caring admissions team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to begin the process. We will help you regardless of your situation or circumstances.

What Are the Symptoms of Fentanyl Withdrawal?

Individuals who are experiencing fentanyl withdrawal will have symptoms similar to those who are detoxing from other opioids. This can include nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, chills, sweating, teary eyes, excessive yawning, sleep disturbances, slowed breathing, diarrhea, anxiety, depression, and irritability.

With Sequoia Detox Center, we offer a medical detox program in Washington that ranges from five to seven days, depending on your personal needs. Our staff will support you during this time and help you find comfort where possible. To learn more about how our addiction treatment program can help you, we invite you to speak with a representative at (888) 675- 0174.

What is the Detox Timeline for Fentanyl Withdrawal?

Fentanyl withdrawal can last longer than other opioids, such as heroin and Oxycodone. There are several factors that go into how long a person’s withdrawal will last, including how long they have been using fentanyl, how they are using it, their overall health, and if they have been using any other substances.


Fentanyl withdrawal can last from one week to two weeks, while some others experience longer-lasting symptoms. Because of the risks associated with fentanyl withdrawal, it is highly recommended that anyone who is going through withdrawal or looking to get clean seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Sequoia Detox Center in Spokane, WA can help those who are experiencing fentanyl withdrawal. We will monitor you for health concerns, offering you educational programming options to help you better understand addiction and recovery. Our overall goal is to help you through your detox so that you can confidently move forward in your recovery journey, with the rest of your inpatient or outpatient program.

What Our Clients Have to Say


As someone that previously utilized other detox/treatment centers in the in the Spokane area and out of state, Sequoia was by far the most comfortable and effective experience of them all. While the private rooms and other amenities are great, the comprehensive and personalized medical care from Dr. Knutsen, the counselor, pharmacist, and RN/CNAs are the true reason for the 5 star rating. I appreciate all Sequoia did to get me started on the right track.

Sarah J.

My name is Sarah and I highly recommend this detox center. They helped me so much I can't even tell you. I went from hell to heaven in a matter of days. I instantly felt safe when I got there. It is medically assisted but they do not force medication you do not want. The food was all catered. They are a private doctor owned facility and the people are really there to help. It was unlike any treatment facility I have been to in the past. I was there 5 days and am now 11 days sober. I could not have done it without their help.

Liliac L.

I had a wonderful experience at Sequoia Detox Center. The place is very clean and the staff was extremely helpful. They helped me through my issues and with their location being private it allowed me to focus on me and my road to recovery. Thanks SEQUOIA!


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Get a 100% confidential callback right now. Our caring and experienced team is standing by ready to help you begin your journey towards lasting recovery today.

Sequoia Detox Center Provides Comprehensive Fentanyl Treatment Programs in Spokane, WA

Our staff is experienced in supporting individuals in withdrawal and can support you during this time and offers options to support you no matter the level—whether you need flexibility to continue working or supporting your family during treatment, or whether inpatient or partial hospitalization programs are best for you. 


We believe that individuals who are in detox for the fourth or fifth time deserve the same respect, compassion, and kindness as someone who is in their first time. Having the right support during this time can help relieve some of the physical symptoms you are experiencing and provide you with the emotional support that you may not have from other sources.

What Happens After Detox

Once you complete your detoxification program, you’ll be able to transition into the remainder of your treatment. Detox is only the first of several important steps in helping you overcome your addiction by helping you to address the physical dependence.

Addressing the psychological dependence comes with the next several steps of holistic care and therapy.

Just the same as detox programs are designed to treat different substances and levels of intensity, you can find different addiction treatment programs for the remainder of your care.

Inpatient Programs

Inpatient programs are sometimes referred to as residential programs and with these, you live at our facility full-time. On average programs last between 30 days and 90 days and the length of your detox is built into your program.

Detox and the rest of your services all take place at our facility and once you complete your program successfully, if you need continued support but with slightly less supervision, you can transition to a traditional outpatient program.

Outpatient Programs

There are several levels of care which fall under the umbrella of an outpatient program including:

  • Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)
  • Traditional Outpatient Programs

With any of our programs, you start with detox before transitioning into the remainder of your individualized program. 

While you are with us, you will have ample opportunity to participate in educational groups to help you gain a stronger understanding of addiction and recovery. This can help you recognize changes that you can make at home to work towards a healthy and lasting recovery. If you are interested in continuing in an addiction treatment program, our staff will work with you to find the best treatment program for your needs.

Step 1 - Decide when you're ready

✓ Call or email us to begin your recovery ​

✓ Speak with our qualified staff to assess your condition and specific needs ​

✓ Coordinate a date and time to be admitted

Step 2 - Receive your assessment

✓ Visit our discreet location with payment and approved personal items ​

✓ Work with our medical and clinical staff to review your values and treatment goals ​

✓ Receive a physical exam to determine medication protocol options and length of stay

Step 3 - Begin Treatment

✓ After working with our highly trained staff, decide what medication regimen will be best for you and begin immediately ​

✓ Settle into your private room, personalize your meal plan, and participate in treatment activities ​

✓ Work One-on-One with clinical staff to determine your next steps

Step 4 - Continue your recovery journey

✓ Your clinical staff will provide multiple options for follow-up care, depending on your treatment goals ​

✓ Our staff will coordinate your admission and any travel and insurance considerations to ensure your recovery journey is not interrupted ​

✓ Move forward towards your goal of sobriety in the preferred partner setting that best fits your lifestyle

Sequoia Detox Center Can Help

The therapies that are used in treatment will vary from one client to the next but all of them involve individual and group therapies.


  • Individual sessions provide a safe place to deal with things like unprocessed trauma or to recognize personal risk factors or contributing factors to your substance abuse.
  • Group therapy sessions provide a safe place for clients who are dealing with similar issues to come together and learn from one another in the recovery process.
  • Holistic therapy or complementary therapy can be much more hands-on and expressive. These programs help you learn new skills, build your self confidence, improve your self awareness, and they are often very fun and can include things like adventure therapy, art therapy, music therapy, yoga, or animal therapy.


Our staff will take time to learn about you and your fentanyl use before developing a treatment plan. This allows your time with us to be tailored to your specific needs. Call us today to learn more about our substance abuse treatment programs in Washington.

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