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We provide an exclusive, patient-centered opportunity for those struggling with substance dependency to detox comfortably, and aim to create a new industry standard of exclusive care that can reduce stigma and offer hope for those caught in the cycle of addiction.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality, compassionate, and safe clinical care to adults suffering from chemical dependency. We utilize clinically tested medication protocols to effectively manage individual symptoms of withdrawal in a supportive and comfortable environment.

Our Vision

We will be a leading organization providing exclusive care through medication-assisted treatment. With an evidence-based approach to treating the disease of addiction, we will help adults start their sobriety journey safely. We believe every patient is unique and detox should be tailored to their individualized needs.


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Our Culture

A welcoming environment of positive attitudes driven by privacy, innovation, and ethics.


We are empathetic, creating a tailored experience for our patients’ individual goals and values to dictate the care they receive.


We take patient care seriously and believe that any disregard for confidentiality threatens the ability for patients to recover successfully.


We continually create and embrace better ways to deliver patient care and seek to involve our employees in everything we do.


We are inclusive, compassionate and considerate of those we serve and those we employ.


We partner closely with industry leaders to provide an exceptionally comprehensive patient experience and transition of care.

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Our Philosophy

Detox as just the first step…

Receiving medically-monitored detox has been proven to provide longer-term success for patients when paired with individualized inpatient or outpatient treatments. Just as our focus and specialty is the first portion of recovery, our wide network of diverse aftercare providers specialize in a number of different treatment modalities to help patients continue success.

Patient-Centered Care

We strongly believe that our patients should be in control of their own healthcare. With individualized treatment plans and non-judgmental education, we ensure our patients stay in the center of the care they receive. Patients are able to help select the best aftercare plan and providers, choosing from a wide range of options they can feel confident in.

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The Expert Sequoia Team

Dr. James Knutson (sp) Owner/Medical Director

Audrey Grimm
Chief Executive Officer and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

Teresa Rorie
Director of Operations

Jennie McWhirk, Office Manager, Human Resources Representative

Narayan Chaudhary, M.D.

Our Clients

We have helped hundreds of people recover.