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At Sequoia Recovery Centers, we offer medically-supervised drug and alcohol treatment. Having the right insurance plays an important role in getting treatment.

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Insurance and Addiction Treatment

UHC Drug Detox Center in Washington

Over 500,000 people in the State of Washington have diagnosable substance use disorders (SUDs). This figure is the equivalent of more than 8% of the state’s total preteen, teenage and adult population. If you or your loved one are affected by an SUD, treatment resources are crucial to your ability to restore function and wellness. It’s also crucial to be able to pay for the treatment you receive. To meet their costs, many Washingtonians rely on health insurance.

One of the state’s top insurance providers is United Healthcare, also known as UHC. Many UHC plans provide coverage for substance treatment. In some cases, your insurance may pay for all of the recovery options you require. But other UHC policies may only pay for some of those options. In either case, a United Healthcare plan can help you gain access to treatment by making that treatment more affordable.

Looking for a UHC drug detox center in Washington? Turn to Sequoia Recovery Centers, the regional leaders in quality care. You can use your insurance to pay for any covered services offered in our United Healthcare detox programs in Spokane. In this way, we make it easier to enter and complete this first and essential stage of substance rehab.

Medical Detoxification

Learn more about our medical detox program in Spokane.

Residential Inpatient

Our inpatient drug rehab program can help you recover.

Partial Hospitalization

Our partial day program offers you flexibility in treatment.

Intensive Outpatient

Find out why our IOP in Spokane is your top choice for outpatient.


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United Healthcare’s Behavioral Health Coverage

In today’s terms, SUDs are behavioral health issues. That’s true because they trigger harmful changes in your thoughts and feelings that, in turn, alter your everyday actions. Mental health conditions not related to substance use are sometimes included in this same broad category. However, some experts place them in their own separate category.

In Washington State, United Healthcare provides coverage for both SUDs and mental health conditions. However, this kind of coverage is not necessarily included in every UHC plan. That’s true because federal law does not mandate its inclusion in all health insurance policies. Still, many UHC plans to help you pay for the cost of drug detox and active drug treatment. By law, that includes every plan issued through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace. 

The extent of the coverage that UHC provides for substance rehab varies between eligible plans. For example, if you have a Washington Apple Health Medicaid plan, all forms of required care are covered in full. Detox is included in the required care category. So are services such as:

Several factors can affect your level of UHC coverage. One important factor is whether you purchase your insurance directly or get it through an employer. The size of your employer’s business may also matter. Another major factor may be the specific plan you choose from the options available to you.

Want more information on using behavioral health coverage at our UHC drug detox center in Washington? Consult our expert staff today.

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We Work With Most Major Insurance

We Work With Most Major PPO & HMO Insurance Providers.We Cannot Accept Medicaid Or Medicare.

We Are An In-Network Provider For Kaiser And Lifewise Insurance Carriers.

Insurance Coverage Options

The Importance of Finding an In-Network
United Healthcare Detox Center

There is a big divide in the health insurance industry: in-network versus out-of-network coverage. In-network terms apply to treatment providers that have pre-existing financial arrangements with a given insurance company. As a rule, these arrangements help ensure that you pay the lowest possible price for the help you receive. 

In contrast, an out-of-network provider has no pre-existing financial arrangements with your insurance company. The lack of an arrangement typically means one of two things:

In both scenarios, the outcome is usually higher treatment costs. Given this situation, it makes sense to use an in-network rehab provider whenever possible. 

Sequoia Detox is an in-network United Healthcare drug rehab in Washington. This means that you can pay the lowest possible price for the services you receive. Talk to us today to find out more about our in-network status.

Insurance and Treatment

Do You Need a UHC Drug Detox Center
in Washington?

How do you know if you or your loved one need drug detoxification services? These services may be essential for anyone affected by a substance use disorder. That’s particularly true if your SUD includes common symptoms such as:

These symptoms are indicators of addiction, one of the two main aspects of substance use disorder. Together, they drive you to maintain an excessive level of drug or medication intake. To break free from this cycle, professional detox services are highly recommended. That’s true because the main goal of these services is to help you reach a substance-free state that forms the basis of your ongoing recovery. 

Have questions about whether you or someone you know should enroll in drug detox? Get them answered today by the specialists at Sequoia Recovery Centers.


Wondering if you or your loved
one needs addiction treatment?

We understand how challenging it can be to know if and when you or your loved one needs help with addiction.  By taking this quiz, you can get a quick assessment of some signs that may indicate whether or not you need to reach out for help. 

What We Offer

Services Provided at Our United Healthcare Drug Detox Center in Washington

Sequoia Detox is a full-service provider of detoxification services. We feature programs designed to help you stop using illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. We also feature programs designed to help you stop misusing prescription medications. All of these options feature core services that include:

They also feature services that are specific to the form of addiction affecting you.

Settings for Drug Detox

You may receive help at our UHC drug detox center in any of several settings. If you’re severely affected by addiction, our inpatient program is a likely choice. Alternatively, you may be better suited for our:

All of these three options are designed for people with certain detox needs. They meet those needs by providing specific amounts of weekly detoxification support. Sequoia Detox Center is a drug and alcohol detox center in Washington that can help you or a loved one overcome addiction. Contact us today to learn more.

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Take Advantage of Your United Healthcare Coverage at Sequoia Recovery Centers

In Washington State and across the U.S., United Healthcare is a top-tier insurance provider. If you have a UHC policy, you likely have coverage for substance rehab services. The list of these services typically includes drug detox. An in-network United Healthcare detox center can help you maximize the cost benefits of your insurance plan.

At Sequoia Recovery Centers, United Healthcare is an accepted, in-network provider. We’re committed to helping you understand all of the services available to you through your UHC plan. We’re also committed to providing those services in a manner that meets the highest standards for rehab excellence. For a full review of your United Healthcare coverage, contact us today via any of our convenient options. We’re standing by to assist you as you start your sobriety journey.