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Do you need benzo detox?

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Audrey Grimm, RN

Audrey Grimm, RN

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Nick Sparrow


Benzodiazepines are drugs manufactured to treat certain mental disorders like anxiety disorders, neurological disorders, insomnia, and depression. Some common brand names are Xanax, Ativan, and Valium. They help to release more of a chemical that the body naturally makes called GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). The function of this drug that releases GABA chemicals is to cause sedation and relaxation. Benzos might be prescribed by a physician, or they might be acquired illegally. Those who suffer from Substance Use Disorder are at a higher risk of abusing benzos.

Are you experiencing cravings for benzos, using more than is prescribed, or more often? Has your use interfered with your work, school, or home life? Do you feel like you need to use more to feel the effects of benzos? Do you experience blackouts? Has it caused you to feel depressed or anxious? Have you engaged in dangerous activities (e.g., driving while intoxicated, unprotected sex) while under the influence of benzos?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, a medical doctor may diagnose you with Substance Use Disorder and refer you to a medical detox for benzodiazepines. You may be asking yourself, do I need benzo detox? If you experience physical discomfort and illness when you haven’t used benzos you may be dealing with benzo withdrawal and need a medical detox for benzos. Benzo withdrawal can become very serious, even fatal, without the care of a medical professional. You will be given a benzo detox assessment. They might suggest a Benzo Detox Program in Washington

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Are Benzos Addictive?

Yes, benzodiazepines can be extremely addictive and dangerous, especially when mixed with other addictive substances like opiates and alcohol. With the increase of GABA chemicals being released into the brain, Benzos also work by increasing the amount of dopamine being released into the brain. When benzos are stopped or decreased, a person can experience dysmorphia leaving the person craving more. No one can do this alone. Find out if you need benzo detox and take the benzo detox quiz.


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Can Benzos Cause Withdrawal Symptoms?

Stopping or decreasing benzos can cause withdrawal symptoms, and no one should try to manage them on their own. Benzo withdrawal symptoms can occur when someone stops or decreases using benzos abruptly, after their body has become physiologically and mentally dependent on them. Do you think you need detox for benzos? Take the benzo detox test now.


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How to Know if You Need a Benzo Detox Program

If you are asking yourself, “Do I need Benzo detox?” Take the benzo detox quiz now and give us a call. One of our trained, compassionate representatives will be happy to answer all your questions.

Whether or not someone needs a medical detox program in Washington depends on the severity of their withdrawal symptoms, if any. Symptoms are not always physiological. Benzo withdrawal occurs when the body becomes dependent on benzodiazepines, after a person has been using them regularly, even as prescribed, over a consistent period of time. Benzo withdrawal can be potentially dangerous, which is why an individual should first have an exam with a primary medical physician. The amount of benzos and the length of time someone’s been taking them will differ from patient to patient, as well as the amount of time it takes for someone to become physically dependent on benzos. 

Many who suffer from SUD feel beat down physically as well as emotionally when they are ready for a Benzo Detox Program. Guilt and shame are common feelings that may cause the person to become self-destructive. They may feel hopeless and not realize how close to freedom they really are. We work with many insurance’s. Our social workers are ready to work with you if you need assistance. 

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