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To have the best chance of recovering from addiction, you must take certain steps. One crucial action to take when you first decide to get sober is to enroll in a medical detox program. Every day, people in greater Boise rely on this kind of program to bring their drug or alcohol use to a halt. By doing so, they protect their health while making a solid start to their recovery journey. 

At Sequoia Detox Centers, we feature a Boise drug and alcohol detox center. The customized services offered in this center provide a realistic path from uncontrolled addiction to initial sobriety. With our help, you can set the stage for your future success in primary rehab and beyond.

Sequoia Detox Centers provide quality, comprehensive medical detox in Washington. Contact us today to learn more about how our drug and alcohol detox programs can help you today.

Addiction Statistics in Boise, ID

Boise does not consistently track the number of people within its borders addicted to drugs or alcohol. Instead, the most accurate overviews come from state and federal-level surveys. The most recent available figures show that Idaho’s rate of addiction and damaging substance abuse is just slightly above the national average. However, it’s important to note that these figures were mostly obtained before the start of the Covid pandemic. Across the country, rates for substance problems have risen in the wake of this nationwide health emergency.

Want to know more about addiction rates in Boise and Idaho? Consult the specialists at Sequoia Detox Centers. 



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Drug Rehab and Detox Center Near Boise

What is a drug and alcohol detox center? Centers of this type provide medical support for your efforts to stop using addictive substances. The detoxification process is different from primary addiction rehab. In detox, the focus is on the following:

  • Helping you stop using drugs or alcohol
  • Managing the effects of the substances that still remain in your system
  • Providing support that eases the effects of substance withdrawal


In contrast, primary addiction rehab takes place after detox is complete. The goals of rehab include:

  • Helping you avoid a relapse while in treatment
  • Improving your understanding of addiction and its effects on you
  • Teaching you how to undo addiction’s impact on your thoughts and behaviors
  • Helping you establish a durable pattern of substance abstinence


Detox is essential. However, to serve its true purpose in your recovery, it must be followed by rehab. Comprehensive detox centers understand these facts. As a result, they provide everything you need to reach an initial sober state. That’s true no matter the specific substance(s) currently in your system. 

Are there comprehensive medical detox centers in Boise? Yes. Talk to the detox experts at Sequoia Detox Centers to learn more about these top-quality facilities.

What Our Clients Have to Say


As someone that previously utilized other detox/treatment centers in the in the Spokane area and out of state, Sequoia was by far the most comfortable and effective experience of them all. While the private rooms and other amenities are great, the comprehensive and personalized medical care from Dr. Knutsen, the counselor, pharmacist, and RN/CNAs are the true reason for the 5 star rating. I appreciate all Sequoia did to get me started on the right track.

Sarah J.

My name is Sarah and I highly recommend this detox center. They helped me so much I can't even tell you. I went from hell to heaven in a matter of days. I instantly felt safe when I got there. It is medically assisted but they do not force medication you do not want. The food was all catered. They are a private doctor owned facility and the people are really there to help. It was unlike any treatment facility I have been to in the past. I was there 5 days and am now 11 days sober. I could not have done it without their help.

Liliac L.

I had a wonderful experience at Sequoia Detox Center. The place is very clean and the staff was extremely helpful. They helped me through my issues and with their location being private it allowed me to focus on me and my road to recovery. Thanks SEQUOIA!

What to Look For in a Boise Drug Detox Center

What are the hallmarks of a quality alcohol and drug detox center in Boise? All properly designed programs follow an established sequence of steps. This sequence includes:

  • Evaluation of your current condition and needs
  • Stabilization of your health while you go through substance withdrawal
  • Clarification of the importance of entering rehab following detox

Detox Evaluation

What happens during a thorough evaluation at the beginning of the detox process? First, your detox team should identify all of the addictive substances currently in your bloodstream. They should also determine the amounts of these substances. 

Another crucial step is performing a complete workup of your physical health. That includes your current health, as well as your medical history. You should also undergo a similar assessment of your current and past mental health.

Why is it so important to gather these details? They provide a picture of your specific detox needs. In turn, awareness of these needs makes it possible to provide services that fit your unique situation.

Withdrawal Stabilization

Withdrawal is the expected norm for anyone who’s addicted and stops using drugs or alcohol. During detox, withdrawal’s effects on your mind and body must be eased as much as possible. Failure to do so increases the odds that you will abandon your efforts to get sober. It can also increase the odds that you will experience significant withdrawal complications.

The goal of withdrawal stabilization is to prevent these kinds of unwanted outcomes. Effective methods of stabilization include:

  • Providing you with a comfortable, calming environment
  • Monitoring your vital signs 
  • Making sure you receive enough fluids to prevent dehydration
  • Correcting any nutritional deficiencies that may be weakening your system

Everyone in detox benefits from these kinds of efforts. If you’re affected by opioid or alcohol addiction, you will almost certainly receive additional help from detox medication. Several medication options are available for each of these forms of addiction. They may be used to achieve goals such as:

  • Helping you steer clear of a relapse while detox is in progress
  • Providing a temporary, safer replacement for the substance you’ve stopped using
  • Creating a chemical deterrent against drinking or taking an opioid
  • Starting the long process of undoing addiction’s impact on your brain

Emphasizing the Need for Rehab

During detox, you should also be actively encouraged to continue on to rehab. This encouragement typically centers on a thorough explanation of rehab’s vital importance in an effective recovery process. If you’ve returned to detox after a relapse, you may also be asked to recommit to the goal of attending a follow-up rehab program.

All Boise drug detox services you consider should feature each of these essential steps. The same holds true for any Boise alcohol rehab program you may be considering. Have more questions about what to look for? Talk to the experienced professionals at Sequoia Detox Centers. 

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Wondering if you or your loved one
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How Long Will a Boise Drug Detox Program Last?

How long will you need help from a Boise drug and alcohol detox center? The answer to this question depends on a number of factors. These factors include the substance that’s the source of your addiction. They also include how much of that substance is in your bloodstream. In addition, the duration of detox is affected by the severity of your addiction and how long it has existed. While no one can say for sure how much time detox will take, most people:

  • Complete opioid detox in anywhere from 10 to 20 days
  • Need three to five days to detox from a stimulant like cocaine
  • Detox from alcohol in anywhere from two to 10 days
  • Require two to eight-plus weeks to complete sedative withdrawal


Want to know more about how long you may need to complete substance detox? Contact the professionals at Sequoia Detox Center for potential timelines.

Medically Supervised Detoxification

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Aftercare Arrangements & Referral Coordination

At Sequoia, we focus on each patient's short-term medical needs as well as their long-term sobriety goals, using a combination of medication, individual and group therapies.

Sequoia Detox Center is a Comprehensive Boise Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Do you or your loved one need a Boise drug and alcohol rehab center? Sequoia Detox Centers can help. We understand what it takes to withdraw from drugs and alcohol successfully. With our guidance, you can make informed choices when selecting your detox provider.

Sequoia Detox Centers specialize in comprehensive drug and alcohol detox for greater Boise. At all times, we follow modern guidelines for best detoxification practices. Our caring, compassionate approach provides the support you need to safely complete withdrawal and prepare for primary rehab. Call us today to learn more about our drug and alcohol detox center in Washington.

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