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Audrey Grimm is one of Sequoia’s original founders and Chief Executive Officer. Audrey has spent her career working in behavioral health. She has over 10 years of nursing experience, half of that working in inpatient psychiatric and detox facilities. She graduated as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in 2023. 

Treatment near Eugene

Eugene Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Substance problems are a constant concern in all 50 U.S. states. However, some states are more heavily affected than others. Together, Eugene and other Oregon communities rank near the top in exposure to both drug and alcohol addiction. This means that there’s an ongoing, high level of need for quality substance treatment resources. It also means that there’s a good chance that you or someone you know meets the criteria for treatment entry.

Recovery from addiction is an achievable goal if you enter a rehab facility that follows modern care guidelines. For many people, the chief focus of recovery is participation in an active treatment program. However, an effective journey to sobriety doesn’t begin with active treatment. It begins in a medical detox program. That’s true because detox helps you reach key milestones that precede your enrollment in treatment. 

Do you or your loved one need a Eugene drug and alcohol rehab center? Sequoia Recovery Centers is your source for advanced recovery resources customized to your unique requirements. We feature the complete range of services needed to help you complete detoxification and move on to active treatment.

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Quitting Drugs and Alcohol in Medical Detox

When you make the life-saving decision to seek help for addiction, you face multiple early challenges. These challenges include:

  • Taking your last drink or dose of illicit drugs or prescription medication
  • Dealing with any remaining intoxicating effects of the substance already built up in your bloodstream
  • Withstanding the effects of withdrawal as your blood levels of drugs or alcohol fall lower and lower

Together, these factors seriously hinder your ability to get sober. You need a medical detox program to overcome this obstacle while protecting your well-being. In this kind of program, you receive the benefits of:

  • An environment that maximizes comfort and keeps drugs and alcohol well out of reach
  • Measures that protect both you and others while you’re still in an intoxicated state 
  • Substance-specific management of withdrawal’s various effects

Want to know more about quitting substance use and other aspects of medical detox? Talk to the experts at Sequoia Recovery Centers today.

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What to Expect

A Basic Outline of Detox at a
Eugene Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Fear of the unknown is a significant concern for many people who decide to get sober. You can ease this fear by learning about the basics of participating in a detox program. You can also increase the odds that you will follow through on your desire to seek help.

The needs of people in medical detox vary according to a multitude of factors and concerns, including:

  • The substances you have been using
  • Your remaining levels of those substances and how intoxicated they’ve made you
  • The absence or presence of significant dehydration
  • How much nutritional support do you require to sustain or return to a healthy state
  • The types of therapy or counseling best able to improve and support your level of mental wellness

All of these details, and many others, are gathered over the course of an initial detox evaluation. Your evaluation guides the starting approach to your care. However, that approach may change along with your response to the detox process.

Oversight of your progress is a must in any medical detox program. This oversight helps your care team:

  • Stay up-to-date with your current status
  • Anticipate any developments that could make it harder for you to complete detox
  • Make any required changes in your care as quickly as possible

For multiple reasons, most people are anxious to get a solid estimate of how long they’ll be in detox. Inevitably, there’s substantial leeway in every person’s detox timeline. But generally speaking, expectations fall somewhere within the range of:

  • Four to 20 days for opioid detox, depending on the specific drug or medication in your system
  • Three to five days for detox from all addictive stimulants
  • Two to 10 days to detox from alcohol in all its forms
  • Two weeks to 60 days for benzodiazepine detox, depending on the specific sedative in your system

All accommodations for substance detox should place emphasis on comfort in a substance-free environment. But that doesn’t mean that all providers use the same methods to create this kind of environment. At Sequoia Recovery Centers, we take a high-end approach that features:

  • Private rooms
  • Three catered meals per day
  • Onsite pharmacy services

We also place a firm emphasis on the importance of your privacy during this challenging time.

For more details on the detox experience at an alcohol and drug rehab center near Eugene, consult Sequoia Recovery Centers today.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Moving on to Addiction Treatment in Eugene

When you overcome the challenges of detox, you benefit in two crucial ways. First, you leave active substance use behind you and gain what’s commonly known as initial sobriety. In addition, you create the possibility of continuing your recovery in an active addiction treatment program.

The benefits of reaching initial sobriety may be readily apparent to you. But why do you also need to enroll in active treatment? After all, you no longer have any addictive substances in your system. Isn’t that enough? 

In short, no. Success in drug or alcohol rehab in Eugene is not based on detox alone. The reason for this is simple. While detox helps you reach sobriety, it doesn’t provide any protection for this newfound, substance-free state. You can only build up this protection by undertaking and completing an active treatment program. 

At Sequoia Recovery Centers, we’re not only dedicated to your entry into addiction and substance abuse treatment in Eugene. We’re also dedicated to helping you succeed in your active treatment program. In line with these goals, we feature detox discharge services that help you jump right into a program that’s right for you. 

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