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Sequoia Recovery Centers works closely with local and regional partners, allowing our patients to be at the center of their own care. We rely on our preferred providers to offer aftercare options for our patients but also want to be a support for providers who may not be able to provide a higher level of care when a patient is in need.

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If you work in addiction treatment

If you work in addiction treatment and have a patient who needs medical detox before coming to your facility, or have a patient who has relapsed and will return to your treatment center, call us today. We can help ensure your patient is a good fit, then help you complete a Provider Referral to book a suite.

If you are not an addiction treatment provider

If you are not an addiction treatment provider, you can still submit a referral for your patient. We will complete the detox portion of their recovery, then connect them with our wide network of aftercare professionals to continue their journey in a setting they feel most comfortable in.

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Our Philosophy

Detox as just the first step…

Receiving medically-monitored detox has been proven to provide longer-term success for patients when paired with individualized inpatient or outpatient treatments. Just as our focus and specialty is the first portion of recovery, our wide network of diverse aftercare providers specialize in a number of different treatment modalities to help patients continue success.

Patient-Centered Care

We strongly believe that our patients should be in control of their own healthcare. With individualized treatment plans and non-judgmental education, we ensure our patients stay in the center of the care they receive. Patients are able to help select the best aftercare plan and providers, choosing from a wide range of options they can feel confident in.

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Our Referral Process

Sequoia Recovery Centers does not currently admit or discharge patients on weekends.

We are available 7 days a week from 7:00am to 7:00pm to coordinate admissions; allowing you to call and schedule an admission for the following week if needed.

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We would love to provide printed materials, and can mail them directly to your office. We offer brochures, posters for the workplace, and discreet shareable cards that can be handed out to those needing help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone over the age of 18 who is suffering from substance addiction. Sequoia Recovery Centers is a 3.7 level of care, so we cannot assist patients who require medical equipment (Oxygen, etc.) or those who need assistance with daily activities (bathing, dressing, feeding, etc.).

Sequoia Recovery Centers uses specific medication protocols to manage withdrawal symptoms for our patients. We offer medically monitored detox for 3-10 days, then assist patients with aftercare coordination. We have trained medical professionals on staff 24/7 but will not administer any IV medications or fluids.

If a patient needs a higher level of care during their stay with us, we will coordinate transportation to an ER, then coordinate getting the patient back to our care if appropriate.

We are currently unable to bill state and federal insurances (Medicaid and Medicare). If your patient discovered under one of those plans, they are able to pay out of pocket for treatment.

We can help walk patients through the authorization process prior to admission to make sure treatment is covered.

If the patient is paying with insurance, we will run an eligibility check as soon as we get them into our system. If we are able to establish a fee scale from the plan, we will require the patient to pay the deductible or out-of-pocket cost upfront (before completing our admission process).

If the patient is paying without insurance, we will require 50% of our minimum stay to be paid upfront. Currently that cost is $3,000.

Our detox program is all-inclusive, meaning patients won’t have hidden fees or experience late billing. Each of our private suites cost $1,500/day, so the patient can have an estimate of cost upon discharge.

Sequoia Recovery Centers will not use opioid antagonists (Suboxone, Methadone, Subutex, Vivitrol/Naltrexone, etc.) as a primary means of withdrawal management. For patients looking to stop taking these medications, we can assist with tapering. The one exception is Methadone, the daily dose needs to be below 40mg. 

To refer a patient you are currently working with, we ask that you complete our Provider Referral Packet and fax it to our facility. This allows for a smooth transition for the patient (no repeating demographic information, or asking private information multiple times), and allows us to prepare medications and treatment options for the patient before they are admitted.

To start the referral process, call our Admissions team at (509) 418-2108 and discuss bed availability.

We pride ourselves in our discharge coordination—ensuring patients get to choose an aftercare provider who will best fit their values and lifestyle. With over 30 preferred providers, our patients will go directly from our facility to a Residential, Intensive Outpatient, or Outpatient setting with a provider who best suits them.

If you want to continue working with the patient after their detox, we will work with you and the patient to get them back to your facility.