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Beaverton, Oregon, is a small city located just west of Portland. It forms part of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately, that area has a significant history of high exposure to drug and alcohol problems. This situation largely reflects conditions throughout Oregon. What’s more, substance problems across the state often go untreated. As a result, many people continue to struggle with uncontrolled substance abuse and addiction. In addition, many Oregonians die from drug- or alcohol-related causes.

But help is available in Beaverton and other neighboring communities. At Sequoia Detox, we specialize in substance detox, an essential part of the process of addiction recovery. With the support of our Beaverton drug and alcohol rehab center, you can achieve several early-stage recovery milestones. You can also create the conditions for future progress toward a daily routine centered around durable sobriety. By entering a medical detox program in Washington. Just call us today or contact us via email or our convenient, confidential online form.

SUDs in Oregon and Greater Beaverton

Substance abuse and addiction are overlapping problems that together form the condition known as substance use disorder (SUD). Within the SUD umbrella are subcategories for alcohol and various classes of addictive drugs and medications. As a whole, Oregon is more affected by these disorders than any other U.S. state. By percentage of its adult, teen, and preteen population, it ranks: 

  • At the top of the list for SUDs related to drug and medication consumption
  • Fifth on the list for SUDs related to alcohol consumption
  • Second on the list for total SUDs
  • Sixth on the list of alcohol-related fatalities
  • Second on the list of drug-related fatalities

The COVID pandemic has only deepened the impact of SUDs across the state. That’s especially true for deaths related to opioid use. To make the situation even more dire, Oregon lags behind all other states in treatment provided to people who need help.

If anything, these problems are magnified in the metro area that includes Beaverton and Portland. This area surpasses the state average for substance use disorders. Drug- and medication-related disorders are a particular concern. 

Want to know more about the impact of SUDs on Beaverton and throughout Oregon? Talk to the rehab professionals at Sequoia Detox Centers today.



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The Reasons for Seeking Detox at a Beaverton Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

No matter where you live, the basic course of effective substance recovery is the same. If sobriety is your goal, the earliest actions you must take include:

  • Ceasing your use of alcohol or drugs
  • Avoiding a return to drinking or drug use as your system eliminates the substances you’ve already consumed
  • Riding out the unpleasant and potentially dangerous effects of drug or alcohol withdrawal

A return to sobriety is impossible unless you can accomplish these tasks. However, without professional support, they may be well beyond your capabilities. In some cases, they may also be exceedingly risky. For these reasons, detox services during professional drug or alcohol rehab in Beaverton can be critical to your safety and success. That’s true because these services are designed to help you cope with the difficulties of early recovery. They’re also designed to put you on the path toward your ultimate goal of lasting abstinence.

For more information on the reasons for going through detox during drug or alcohol rehab in Beaverton, consult us today. Sequoia Detox Center is a drug and alcohol detox center in Washington that can help you or a loved one overcome addiction. Contact us today to learn more.

Want to know more about the detox process at an alcohol and drug rehab center in Beaverton? Get the facts you need at Sequoia Detox.

What Our Clients Have to Say


As someone that previously utilized other detox/treatment centers in the in the Spokane area and out of state, Sequoia was by far the most comfortable and effective experience of them all. While the private rooms and other amenities are great, the comprehensive and personalized medical care from Dr. Knutsen, the counselor, pharmacist, and RN/CNAs are the true reason for the 5 star rating. I appreciate all Sequoia did to get me started on the right track.

Sarah J.

My name is Sarah and I highly recommend this detox center. They helped me so much I can't even tell you. I went from hell to heaven in a matter of days. I instantly felt safe when I got there. It is medically assisted but they do not force medication you do not want. The food was all catered. They are a private doctor owned facility and the people are really there to help. It was unlike any treatment facility I have been to in the past. I was there 5 days and am now 11 days sober. I could not have done it without their help.

Liliac L.

I had a wonderful experience at Sequoia Detox Center. The place is very clean and the staff was extremely helpful. They helped me through my issues and with their location being private it allowed me to focus on me and my road to recovery. Thanks SEQUOIA!

Basics of the Detox Process

Untreated addiction is characterized by compulsive, uncontrolled substance use. For this reason, people who enter a rehab program typically have significant blood levels of drugs, alcohol, or a combination of the two. In detox, you must eliminate the substances built up in your bloodstream. 

There are two general approaches to this process. People recovering from alcohol or stimulant problems completely halt their substance use when detox begins. In contrast, people recovering from opioid or sedative problems are often gradually weaned off the substances in their systems. Why? Rapid detox from opioids or sedatives can substantially worsen the impact of withdrawal. Despite these differences, the overall purpose of detox is the same. Namely, you move from a state of substance intoxication to one of sobriety. 

Successful detox is based in large part on a core set of methods common to everyone. These methods include:

  • Creating a detox plan after completing a comprehensive entry evaluation
  • Taking various measures to keep you mentally and physically strong enough to complete the process
  • Introducing you to the larger concepts of detox as it relates to later aspects of drug or alcohol recovery

Personalization is also key, given the fact that no two detox experiences are entirely the same. That customized approach begins with your evaluation and continues on through every phase of detox. The end result is a process that:

  • Emphasizes and maintains your safety and comfort
  • Gives you the best possible odds of being fully sober when detox ends

Want to learn more about the basics of detox at an alcohol or drug rehab center in Beaverton? The friendly staff at Sequoia Detox is standing by to assist you.

Pairing Detox With Addiction Treatment in Beaverton

Unless you’re familiar with the concepts of substance rehab, the steps involved can be a bit confusing. For example, before they start their recovery, some people may think that detox is all they need. But that’s not the case. Detox is, in fact, essential. However, it only achieves its true purpose when it successfully encourages your enrollment in active addiction treatment. 

How do these two phases of your recovery differ? Detox helps you get your blood levels of drugs or alcohol down to zero. Active treatment helps you take the steps required to maintain that substance-free status. If you don’t enter a treatment program designed for your form of addiction, your detox efforts can easily go to waste. Vital skills that you learn in active treatment, not detox, include:

  • The ability to tell the difference between actions that support addiction and actions that support ongoing sobriety
  • How to recognize outside influences that can make you more likely to drink or take drugs
  • Practical ways to control your stress levels and take other steps to limit your relapse risks

Have questions about how detox works in relation to active treatment? The experts at Sequoia Detox Centers are happy to answer them.

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Substance abuse treatment in Beaverton is a pressing need for many area residents. The same holds true for addiction treatment. Far too often, these needs go unfulfilled. The consequences of this reality include high rates of both SUDs and substance-related deaths.

Do you or a loved one need the services of a Beaverton drug and alcohol rehab center? Seek help from the trusted professionals at Sequoia Detox. We feature detoxification programs that meet or exceed modern guidelines for high-quality care. Whether your substance problems are mild, moderate, or severe, there’s an option that will support you during the early phase of your recovery. Just contact us today by phone, email, or our online information form.

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