What Are Common Withdrawal Symptoms?

Many individuals put off recovery because they are worried about the onset of withdrawal symptoms. They are unsure of what to expect regarding withdrawal signs and have heard horror stories, or, they aren’t ready to make that necessary change in their life yet.

Sequoia Detox Center offers a boutique medical detox in Washington that ensures clients’ health and safety when you or your loved one are ready to make a change. With onsite pharmacy and medical professionals, our clients are comforted through the detox process and supported through individual and group therapy, as well as medication management techniques that reduce the discomfort of the detox process.

To learn more about how Sequoia Detox Center addresses common withdrawal symptoms through individualized detoxification programming, speak with a treatment specialist today.

What Causes Withdrawal?

Detoxification or withdrawal is the process the body goes through following the secession or stopping of substance use. The impact of withdrawal on the system is determined by the length of use, type of drug abused, and process of withdrawal. 

The length of use typically plays a direct role in the seriousness of the withdrawal process. Individuals who have been addicted for a significant period often experience more severe withdrawal symptoms during detoxification. This is because the body takes longer and has a more difficult time ridding itself of the buildup of substances in the system.

The type of drug abuse can also impact the withdrawal process. For example, individuals who are addicted to alcohol will have a different kind of withdrawal than those who go through withdrawal following cocaine use. The difference is caused by the impact of the drug on the body. Stimulants, depressants, mood stabilizers, and painkillers all have different effects on the system and how it functions. 

The difficulty of withdrawal is often directly impacted by the method by which an individual chooses to undertake the detox process. Individuals who quit cold turkey or attempt to deal with the physical withdrawal symptoms on their own struggle at a much higher rate than those who undergo withdrawal through a certified detox facility. In fact, individuals whom a physician does not monitor through the detox process can often experience more severe symptoms for extended amounts of time.

What Are Common Withdrawal Symptoms? 

When an individual goes through withdrawal, they might experience both physical and mental symptoms of detox. The signs of withdrawal are complex and can last for days, weeks, months, or even years. Individuals who withdrawal from addictive substances usually start to notice the onset of symptoms as early as 6-8 hours following their last drink or high. While it is different for each individual, the detoxification process highlights the challenging times in early recovery.

Physically, clients can expect to feel some sort of change as the substance works its way out of the body. Early on, this can present as a headache or flu-like symptoms. In a certified detox program, individuals might never progress past this point. However, if not adequately managed or the impact of the addiction is too severe, individuals can experience difficulty breathing, diarrhea, vomiting, heart attack, and stroke.

The mental health signs of withdrawal are complex and can include a number of unhealthy stages. The most common are anxiety and depression during the withdrawal stage. However, individuals may also experience psychosis, hallucinations, unstable emotions, erratic sleep patterns, and cravings.

How to Safely Withdrawal During Detox

The detoxification process is intense and alters the physical and mental state of the addict. In addition, withdrawal symptoms can be damaging and scary for individuals who are not adequately cared for and monitored throughout detox. To safely withdraw, medical professionals recommend that you be observed within a facility or through daily check-ins. This monitoring process ensures that doctors or other staff can provide clients with necessary supportive measures.

At Sequoia Detox Center, we support individuals in taking the first step toward regaining control of their lives. Our drug and alcohol detox center in Spokane offers private rooms, an onsite pharmacy, and catering services for our clients. In addition, we provide comfort and luxury to support clients through the early, uncomfortable days of recovery. 

If you are ready to make a change in your life, let Sequoia Detox Center help you with your withdrawal symptoms.