Common Fears in Recovery

Fear in recovery is a normal part of the process, and it can be an incredibly powerful emotion, hijacking the way you think and the way you feel physically and mentally. It can cause you to make the wrong decisions and do things that hurt you rather than help you.

Everyone experiences fear in recovery, but the fear you have can change from moment to moment, and it can fluctuate from person to person. What matters most is that you take time to recognize your fears, understand where they’re coming from, and apply coping skills or techniques to manage them.

Top Fears in Recovery

Let’s look at a common list of fears in recovery.

Fear of Discomfort

Fear of discomfort is a very prominent fear in recovery. Discomfort is merely a feeling we don’t like to sit with, but it’s not something that can cause you great damage.

This fear of discomfort applies to many scenarios, such as:

  • Not wanting to be uncomfortable physically during the detox process
  • Not wanting to be uncomfortable emotionally by being separated from friends and family during an inpatient program
  • Not wanting to be uncomfortable in group therapy sessions where individuals are asked to contribute
  • Not wanting to be uncomfortable in individual therapy sessions where a therapist asks intimate and probing questions

The sphere of discomfort spans many scenarios, and it applies to everyone who undergoes treatment. But it’s important to recognize that these feelings are temporary. Recovery may be uncomfortable at times, but your success comes from allowing these feelings to be present and, in some cases, overcoming them. 

To help alleviate some of this discomfort, participate in yoga and mindfulness activities. These will help you recognize the impermanence of discomfort and provide you the ability to continually return your focus to the present moment and to things within your control, like your breathing. Mindfulness can be practiced as soon as you notice symptoms of fear arise within you.

Fear of Relapse

Perhaps the most common fear, which can prevent people from finishing or even starting a program, is the fear of relapse.

At Sequoia Recovery Centers, we understand the importance of relapse prevention in addiction treatment in Washington. That is why we provide custom treatment programs with several levels of care, including inpatient or outpatient drug and alcohol rehab.

With each of our programs, clients have the opportunity to acquire skills that prepare them for triggers, help them identify and regulate their emotions, and manage stress to avoid a relapse. 

It’s important to build coping skills while you are in recovery. Your treatment program is designed to help you deal with the physical aspect of addiction through detox and the psychological aspect through therapy sessions. Cognitive behavioral therapy or holistic treatments can provide you with coping skills you can use when you are triggered to reduce your chance of relapse.

Fear of Failure

Another top fear in recovery is failure. No one wants to fail at something that they know is their responsibility. But failure is a common part of the recovery journey. Given that sobriety is something you maintain for a lifetime, the tools you acquire and the insight you gain during your treatment can help you with that lifelong journey. There may be times that you fail, but the lesson is learned in how you manage that failure and how you recover from it.

When thinking about failure, it’s important to change your perspective. Failure is something everyone encounters, and it’s an opportunity for learning. If you haven’t failed at something today, you haven’t learned anything today. By changing your perspective, you can quickly overcome any fear of failure, knowing that it’s not something to be afraid of but rather something to welcome.

Overcoming Fear with Sequoia Recovery Centers

Fear is a tangible emotion that interacts with several systems throughout the body. It can leave you with physical symptoms, like shaking and sweating, as well as cognitive effects that encourage you to make the wrong choice. But with the right type of treatment and encouragement from your care team, you can learn to overcome fear in recovery. Sequoia Recovery Centers is a Spokane drug and alcohol detox center providing treatment for substance abuse in Washington. Reach out to our team today to learn about how we help you overcome fear in recovery.