Finding Connection in Recovery at Sequoia Recovery Centers

Isolation and loneliness are two feelings often experienced in recovery. There are many reasons for this, ranging from low self-esteem because of addiction to having to make new friends after treatment. No matter the cause, those in recovery can struggle to make connections, which can have a detrimental impact on recovery success. 

Sequoia Recovery Centersss is a Spokane, WA, drug and alcohol detox center that understands this. That’s why we help facilitate connections through programs like:

  • Group therapy
  • Support groups
  • Group activities
  • Aftercare 

The Science of Connection

Research has found that there are neuro-hormonal links between several systems and the body, including the opioid and oxytocin systems, which are shaped by social interaction. Individuals who have more cohesive support and healthy connections are less likely to develop addiction, and those who are in recovery and maintain connection through communities and support groups are less likely to struggle with relapse. 

Similarly, those who are successful at finding connection in recovery and securing relationships with new friends or with family are more likely to develop and use emotional regulation strategies. This means that connection plays a key role in the ability to curate healthy coping skills and emotional regulation techniques in recovery. 

The Importance of Finding Connection in Recovery

Studies have found that for many in recovery, connection was one of the most important influences on overall wellness. In fact, evidence indicates that certain neurological pathways are not only created but enhanced by maintaining positive social networks.

Further research explored the most essential components of addiction recovery and found that a supportive environment was the foundation for transformative change in addiction recovery.

That supportive environment, by way of connections to others, helped contribute to the development of two essential factors in sustained recovery:

  1. First, the development of a sense of self, including self-esteem, which is integral to overall self-care, self-improvement
  2. Second, the development of a sense of future, which helps individuals orient their focus toward the future and recognize they can live a fulfilling life of sobriety

Many studies and decades of research have continued to explore the importance of finding connection in recovery and continued to reveal that interpersonal and community engagement are prominent features that improve an individual’s sense of self and provide meaning and purpose in life. Those who have made connections in recovery and have a supportive communal environment or community are more likely to:

  • Maintain positive relationships
  • Try new things
  • Make changes for the better
  • Reconstruct themselves and their lives after addiction
  • Have someone to turn to when things are difficult 

Furthermore, research has found that when family members offered connections for those in recovery, it increased the acceptance felt by those in recovery, and encouraged them to seek community and boost self-esteem long term. 

Finding Connection in Recovery at Sequoia Recovery Centersss

At Sequoia Recovery Centersss, clients moving through all levels of the continuum of care are given the chance to find connection during recovery. 

For those at our inpatient rehab in Washington, our facilities provide opportunities for connection with other people in treatment as well as your care team. Your care team is composed of individuals who understand what it’s like to be going through recovery, understand the difficulty of isolation and loneliness, and know how much better things can be after making connections.

For those who transition to our outpatient rehab, our program pivots toward an emphasis on group therapy and support group sessions. Both of these provide opportunities to find connections with individuals who have gone through similar issues and need the same type of support as you.

To facilitate deeper connections with family members, we provide opportunities for family support groups and family therapy, where your loved ones can learn how to communicate better, and we offer support for you during your sobriety.

Finding a connection in recovery is essential to your success. Decades of research indicate that those who are able to develop deeper relationships and create social bonds or a supportive community have a better quality of life, improved self-esteem, better emotional regulation, and overall success at sobriety. With the right resources from our treatment center, you can benefit from all of this. 

Learn more about finding connections in recovery by reaching out to our team today.

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