Overcoming Barriers to Seeking Help for Substance Abuse

According to the American Medical Association, 90 percent of people struggling with addiction don’t get the help they need. There are several barriers to seeking help for substance abuse or finding the right type of program, and for that reason, most people have difficulty finding the program that is best for them.

At Sequoia Recovery Centers, our team believes that everyone deserves lasting change and a fulfilling life, which is why we work hard to help people overcome those challenges in finding help for addiction. 

Time Barriers to Seeking Help for Substance Abuse

Time constraints are one of the biggest barriers for many people; they worry that they won’t be able to step away from all of their personal or professional responsibilities for several months at a time.

However, these barriers to seeking help for substance abuse are often self-imposed. People do not realize that substance abuse treatment comes with several levels of care, each of which has varying degrees of time commitment required.

At Sequoia Recovery Centers, our facility offers several levels of care, including flexible outpatient rehab in Spokane.

  • With our outpatient programs, you can choose treatment that lasts only a couple of weeks with a partial hospitalization program in Spokane, a full-time program condensed into a shorter period of time that you would be able to take off from work or school.
  • Another outpatient option is our intensive outpatient program, a part-time program condensed into several weeks but allows for greater flexibility to work around other obligations.
  • Clients can transition into a traditional outpatient program that only requires a few hours per week of treatment time commitments, such as support groups and group therapy, which can easily be worked into nights or weekends.

Financial Challenges in Finding Help for Addiction

Financial challenges represent, for many, one of the biggest difficulties when seeking help for addiction. The cost of recovery can be very expensive, especially if you look at luxury residential programs that incorporate the cost of room and board. There are some options to help alleviate the costs of treatment.

Health Insurance

Many people do not realize that the federal government requires insurance companies to provide basic mental health services. This extends to treatment for addiction, including residential or outpatient programs. In fact, with your insurance, you may be able to utilize several levels of care as you transition through a treatment program.

Our team at Sequoia Recovery Centers can help you review your insurance benefits to determine what level of coverage applies and what costs, if any, you have to pay out of pocket. It can be difficult to fully understand your summary of benefits, the official document that lists what level of coverage you have, but our office contains insurance specialists well-versed in different policies and providers.

Nonprofit Funding

There might also be alternative measures that you can use to cover funding if, for example, your health insurance doesn’t apply or doesn’t cover all of your treatment costs. This can come in the form of nonprofit funding, like scholarships from third-party resources.

Our team can point you in the right direction and even help you review alternative sources of funding, such as payment plans.

Program Barriers to Seeking Help for Substance Abuse

Another area where people encounter challenges to getting the right level of care has to do with finding the right program. Not all treatment centers provide the necessary services.

  • Some centers focus exclusively on detox services
  • Some programs are residential programs only and can have a much higher cost
  • Some facilities do not offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid addiction or alcoholism
  • Some treatment centers do not have holistic care or outdoor programs like adventure therapy, hiking, or yoga that you might want

When you take the time to look at different treatment centers, you will find that there is likely a program that fits your needs. It might not be provided by the first treatment center you look at, but with time, you can find a level of care with the right type of therapy you want that works with your budget.

There are several challenges to finding the right type of help, most of which revolve around time and money, but some of which revolve around finding the right level of care. If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction, don’t let these barriers get in your way. 

Call our team to review our treatment options and, if we can’t help, what other resources might be available in your area.