What Does it Mean to Detox From Drugs?

Choosing to make a significant change in your life is scary. For individuals who are choosing to break the cycle of addiction, this process can be even more challenging. Often, individuals who attempt to detox and stop using without the support of a medical professional experience multiple relapses until they learn to stop using. However, individuals who enter a detoxification program and those who undergo withdrawal with the support of medical professionals often experience fewer relapses and have a more successful recovery period.

At Sequoia Recovery Centers, individuals receive a personalized detoxification treatment plan designed around the client’s specific needs. Clients who choose Sequoia Recovery Centers can detox from drugs and alcohol in a peaceful and relaxing environment with an onsite pharmacy, catering services, and individual rooms.

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What Does it Mean to Detox From Drugs?

When an individual chooses to detox from drugs, it means that they have chosen to allow their system to detoxify itself by slowly removing the toxic substances the individual has placed inside. One thing that all detoxes have in common is how the body withdraws from the substance. This process to flush the toxins from the system includes physical and mental changes within the body.

Physically, when it comes to toxic substances, individuals might experience intense flu, like symptoms, reactions in their nerves, and feelings of pain and exhaustion. Depending on the poisonous substance being removed from the body, clients may experience mild to moderate feelings of discomfort or extreme and severe complications from the withdrawal process.

There’s also a significant mental component when it comes to detoxification and withdrawal. Individuals who are addicted to substances or who may be experiencing problematic use may have a difficult time stopping use, including experiencing cravings, internal conflict about the changes they are making, and psychological changes related to the detoxification process. Individuals going through withdrawal may experience hallucinations, changes in mood and personality, and episodes of anxiety or even depression. These symptoms range from severe to mild as well. Individuals with more severe or chronic addictions may have a more challenging time detoxifying their bodies.

What Role Does Detox Play in Recovery?

Detoxification plays a significant role in the recovery process. Individuals must undergo a detox and withdrawal to fully embrace addiction treatment and make the necessary changes for sobriety.

In recovery, detoxification and withdrawal are an individual’s initial steps. When a client enters a treatment program, they will either undergo independent detoxification or undergo an intensive initial detox. This is to ensure that the body is entirely sober when accessing treatment. A clear mind and a clean body can help individuals accept their new routines and embrace the changes that addiction treatment and the recovery process can provide.

Detoxification can last between three and ten days, depending on the substance and the amount of use. Clients who participated in more chronic abuse or experienced an overdose due to substance abuse may have a more intensive detoxification process because of the number of substances within their system. Additionally, clients who are addicted to prescription medication, especially those with a comorbid mental health disorder, may experience an excessively difficult time during a detox due to extenuating factors like medication needs and other mental health symptoms. Nevertheless, detoxification is a challenging and rewarding experience for individuals who are ready to make a change in their lifestyle.

How to Find Professional Detox Services in Washington

When you are ready to make a significant change, selecting a professional detox center to support your detoxification needs is best. Sequoia, a drug and alcohol detox center in Washington, provides a luxury boutique experience for individuals undergoing detoxification from drugs and alcohol. In addition, our clinic offers multiple methods of structured detoxification for individuals. 

Additionally, our drug and alcohol detox center in Spokane is designed to provide clients with nutritional health, consultations, physical health experiences, and mental health care. Our comprehensive detox supports clients through the process, ensuring a clean body and a clear head. 

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