Managing Living With an Alcoholic

Alcoholism is a significant issue, one that can deeply affect not just the people struggling with it but also their partners, spouses, children, and parents. It can be difficult to manage living with an alcoholic because it can result in adverse effects like: Financial struggles and emotional violence can be compounded by the development of […]

Finding Dual Diagnosis Rehab Facilities in Washington

If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction and symptoms of a mental health disorder, it’s important to get the right kind of care. Dual-diagnosis rehab facilities can help provide care for co-occurring disorders with a combination of detox, medication, and therapy. What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment? Dual diagnosis rehab facilities are […]

How to Plan Ahead For Triggers in Recovery

Stress happens to everyone, but when you are in recovery, stress can be particularly dangerous, as it is more likely to contribute to a trigger and subsequent relapse. That’s why it’s imperative that you plan ahead for triggers. Planning ahead for triggers is an essential part of your recovery journey, and Sequoia Recovery Centersss can […]

Establishing Healthy Boundaries in Recovery

When you are in recovery, you have to make many life changes, and that can extend to your relationships with others and with yourself. One of the most important lessons you will learn is how to establish healthy boundaries in recovery. If you’re looking for help establishing boundaries, turn to Sequoia Recovery Centersss for help. […]

Finding Connection in Recovery at Sequoia Recovery Centers

Isolation and loneliness are two feelings often experienced in recovery. There are many reasons for this, ranging from low self-esteem because of addiction to having to make new friends after treatment. No matter the cause, those in recovery can struggle to make connections, which can have a detrimental impact on recovery success.  Sequoia Recovery Centersss […]

Supporting Loved Ones in Recovery

If you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction and trying to get help, it can fill you with apprehension when you don’t know how to best support them. You might worry about saying or doing the wrong thing and making a situation worse or not knowing how to help them most effectively […]

Overcoming Fear of Attending 12-Step Meetings

Many people may fear the idea of going to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings. It is not a comfortable situation to show up at a new location to meet new people and share intimate information about your struggles. However, there are several benefits to attending AA meetings, and attendance in support groups is necessary for people […]

The Impact of Mindful Movement in Addiction Treatment

Any physical activity can go a long way toward improving your mood, so it’s important that you make getting active part of your routine. To take things one step further, you can practice mindful movement, where you focus your full attention on the movements you are making. How does this look in practice? Let’s look […]