The Impact of Mindful Movement in Addiction Treatment

Any physical activity can go a long way toward improving your mood, so it’s important that you make getting active part of your routine. To take things one step further, you can practice mindful movement, where you focus your full attention on the movements you are making. How does this look in practice? Let’s look […]

Common Fears in Recovery

Fear in recovery is a normal part of the process, and it can be an incredibly powerful emotion, hijacking the way you think and the way you feel physically and mentally. It can cause you to make the wrong decisions and do things that hurt you rather than help you. Everyone experiences fear in recovery, […]

Budgeting Basics: Essential Financial Tips in Recovery

When you are in recovery, you may be recovering from addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders, but you are also recovering from the damage that addiction has on several parts of your life. This can extend to: Your rehab program may help you with aftercare services near the end of your program. During this part […]

The Impact of Emotional Regulation on Addiction Recovery

Emotional regulation enables you to understand and better control your emotions while in recovery. In substance abuse rehab programs, you might use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or similar evidence-based techniques to help you look at the impact of your emotions on the various aspects of your life in recovery. What is Emotional Regulation? Many of […]

Balancing Work and Recovery

Balancing Work and Recovery

Balancing work and recovery can be difficult. Not only can work be stressful, but a failure to manage stress levels can increase cravings or urges to abuse drugs to cope with that stress, which runs the risk of jeopardizing your recovery. However, if you are a recovering addict, you don’t have to choose between work […]

How to Create a Supportive Sober Environment at Home

In a world that constantly bombards us with temptations and challenges, it’s crucial for individuals in recovery to maintain a supportive, sober environment at home. Creating a sanctuary that fosters positivity and understanding can significantly contribute to the success of a recovery journey. Sequoia Recovery Centers is a drug and alcohol detox center in Spokane, […]

Incorporating Mind-Body Practices for Mental Health

There are many connections between your mental well-being and your physical health. One of the most easily recognizable connections is exercise. When we exercise, we get a boost of neurotransmitters that improve our mood and help boost physical function. However, there are several other mind-body practices that can be incorporated into your daily routine to […]