What Does it Mean to Detox From Drugs?

Choosing to make a significant change in your life is scary. For individuals who are choosing to break the cycle of addiction, this process can be even more challenging. Often, individuals who attempt to detox and stop using without the support of a medical professional experience multiple relapses until they learn to stop using. However, […]

What Are Common Withdrawal Symptoms?

Many individuals put off recovery because they are worried about the onset of withdrawal symptoms. They are unsure of what to expect regarding withdrawal signs and have heard horror stories, or, they aren’t ready to make that necessary change in their life yet. Sequoia Recovery Centers offers a boutique medical detox in Washington that ensures […]

Can Alcohol Withdrawal Cause Seizures?

Many believe that because individuals can drink alcohol with fewer restrictions, that it does not have the same ability to become addictive as other substances. However, this is false. In fact, because of the availability of alcohol and the social acceptability of drinking, many individuals develop problematic drinking habits that can transition to addiction when […]

How Long Does Cocaine Last in Your System?

Cocaine is a potent stimulant substance that may easily cause someone to get addicted. When injected, it produces a powerful but fleeting high sensation. Cocaine enters circulation quickly and immediately impacts the brain regardless of how it is delivered or what form it takes. Recent research has revealed that cocaine profoundly changes users’ brain structure […]

What Are the Signs of Opioid Withdrawal?

Drugs like heroin are illegal in the United States and considered Schedule I substances, meaning that it is considered highly addictive and has no legitimate medical uses. Distribution, acquisition, or usage for purposes other than medical research are prohibited. In this article, we’ll look at the signs of opioid withdrawal and how to find medical […]

What is the Timeline for Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol addiction is all too common of an issue. According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, 140,557 Americans die from alcohol abuse yearly. 1 in 10 Americans over the age of 12 have an alcohol use disorder. 60% of Americans increased their alcohol consumption due to the pandemic lockdown.  While help is available […]

How to Detox From Cocaine?

Cocaine is an extremely dangerous drug. One of the reasons it is so dangerous is because it causes cocaine withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms occur when the body becomes so used to having the drug in its system that it’s unable to function properly without it.  People know that the only way to get rid of […]

How to Find a Spokane Detox Center

Getting over an addiction is not easy. Many would say that detox is the most pivotal stage of recovery. During this time, a person must deal with withdrawal symptoms that make relapse likely.  Fortunately, there are methods to overcome detox comfortably, reducing the chance of relapse. This is mainly contingent on finding the right Spokane […]